Friday, 4 January 2013

Chami - The Syrian Man

Chami was born in El Bathan, Tunisia at the F.N.A.R.C (Fondation Nationale D'Amelioration De La Race Chevaline) Stud on 9th February 1998. A beautiful chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, he was the horse of Christy's dreams! He is a pure Barbe. When he came of age, he was used for breeding until we came along.

Like Ennahali, we first saw him in November 2005, when he pranced around, tail up in the air, dragging his handler along. Christy fell in love immediately and soon he was ours!

He was a bit of a handful in the beginning and certainly kept Christy on her toes but he has settled down into a safe and reliable horse. Unfortunately he seems to attract bad luck and has had more than his fair share of problems. However he is still here with us, happy and healthy.

Having known few other horses he takes time to make friends but once he does he becomes very attached. Nali is his best friend but a lovely little mare called Santana is his first love!

He had no experience of life when we aquired him and it took time for him to learn the simplest things - how to scratch and be scratched by another horse, how to graze, what a carrot was... He now will try most things and loves tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, mangoes, pineapple and sweet potatoes...

Chami, while possibly not the best choice of horse for this journey, is very much loved as a member of our travelling team and family.

The first time we saw Chami!
Just before he was gelded...

In the Almond Orchard...

Beautiful Boy!

That smells funny!

Who me?

I know you just washed me but...

Yee Ha!

Arrival in Sudan!

Sunset on the Nile

Jumping Pony

On the barge in Southern Sudan

My new herd, Uganda

Swimming pony!

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