Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ennahali - The Beekeeper

Ennahali, Nali for short, was born on the 11th March 2000 on a farm in Jandouba, Tunisia. Here he learned to pull a cart at a very young age and his best friend was a black donkey! At the age of 3 he moved to the F.N.A.R.C. (Fondation National D'Amelioration de la Race Chevaline) Stud in El Battan, Tunisia where he was used to breed. He is an Arab Barbe.

When we first saw him in November 2005 he was a weedy little horse, a very dark dappled grey with a roach back. His knees used to buckle when he fell asleep. Despite this we decided to buy him for Billy. He was gelded on 25th November 2005 and has turned into an extremely reliable horse.

Over the years his colour has lightened significantly. He is now a flea-bitten grey. He no longer has a roach back and is solid in both body and temperament. He has taught many people to ride north of the equator and many have fallen in love with him. He is safe and reliable without being boring!

He gets embarrassed by public displays of affection but secretly loves his hugs and kisses! In front of the camera he feels he has to do something... usually chewing on the nearest hand!

His best trick is being ridden and jumped without anything on his head - no bridle, no headcollar, no neck rein.

In the times that his team mates have struggled he has picked up the slack and worked harder. Without him we would not be nearly so far along.

Here are some photos for his fan club!

The first time we saw Nali!

Having a bath the equine way!

If I'm quick maybe nobody will see me running away!


Sunrise in the Libyan Desert.

Making friends!

Time and place for a snooze!

What can you see?

Nali at the Nile - Egypt.

So this is Sudan huh?

Aren't I beautiful?
Look ma - no hands!

I'm trying hard to teach her to swim!

So where are we going then?

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