Friday, 4 January 2013

Rahaal - The Traveller

Rahaal was born in Libya, when we don't know, but we guessed him to be about 10 when we bought him in May 2006. He was a local Libyan pony, chestnut in colour and full of character. When I say bought, I actually mean swapped! We had needed a pack animal and had purchased a donkey, but soon discovered that she was too slow although very strong. We did what the Libyans call an "Afari" and swapped her for Rahaal, with a little extra payment from us.

When we first saw him, there were 3 or 4 horses to choose from. We looked at him first and I just knew he was the one, so much so that I became rather irritated with Billy for even bothering to look at the others!

He did not have a very illustrious start as one of our horses - the very first thing he did was to chop our good friend Abdallah on the head! Billy started working with him and he soon became a special member of our herd.

He taught Chami everything he knew about foraging for food... Chami would be seen following him everywhere and before he ate anything he would get Rahaal's approval. He allowed Nali to be the youngster that he was, playing with him for hours on end.

He had a tough castration and so we didn't ask him to carry any weight until we reached Egypt. Here he stepped in when Chami got laminits, carrying more than his fair share and Billy!

He was a pleasure to ride, always willing and happy, a real plucky little horse. On arrival in Khartoum, he and the others were struggling with the repercussions of heat stroke from the severe heat wave in the desert. He got laminitis and biliary and despite our best efforts he died in September 2007.

He remains in our hearts and we remember him with love.

Here are some photos of his short time with us...
What he looked like when we bought him - Libya
The start of his training - Libya
Look out, here I come - Libya
Shaggy boy with very knotted mane - Libya
First time in the sea - Libya
Training continued - Libya
Helped out by Abdallah - Libya
Tired boy - Libya
Yummy watermelon - Libya
Look what I found - Libya
Good morning! - Egypt
Afternoon Nap with my buddy - Egypt
Settling in - Egypt
Caught in the act! - Egypt
Beautiful boy - Egypt
Get this thing off me! - Egypt
Hurry up with those dates - Egypt
I'm not sure I like this guy - Egypt
Woolly boy! - Egypt
On the road - Egypt
Look how strong I am! - Egypt
Me and my buddies - Egypt
Play time - Egypt
Yes I know I'm cute - Sudan
Rodeo pony - Sudan
Speedy pony - Sudan
Kiss my foot - Sudan
You can't catch me! - Sudan
Desert pony - Sudan
Drinking from the Nile - Sudan
Nile at sunset - Sudan
What you looking at? - Sudan
Oi, that's my water! - Sudan

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